The COVID-19 pandemic is changing drastically the concepts of work style, HR management, and even the idea of organization itself. For many Japanese companies, this could be an opportunity to accelerate the changes that have been left in a state of stagnation until this point.

What are the new ways of working that this pandemic has brought to us? 
What is the new organizational management that unleashes individuals’ energy and creativity?

These are the questions to be explored and discussed during this webinar.
Shizenkan University, Institute for Strategic Leadership, IESE Business School and Piotr Feliks Grzywacz are inviting you to join this interactive online discussion where Piotr will share the insights that he has accumulated during his years at Google, Berlitz, Morgan Stanley and as an independent specialist in human resource management.

The webinar will focus on the big questions in the Post-Coronavirus World:

• What are some examples of new work styles, such as remote work, introduced by the pandemic?
• Why is it now necessary to create organizations and manage human resources differently?
• What should be changed in the mindsets and behaviors of organizational leaders in order to liberate the creative power of individuals, to build organizations that harness their strengths, and to manage human resources? We will take up some specific examples of what companies have been doing.
• How to overcome obstacles unavoidable in the process of change?
• How will such changes impact individual behavior and organizational performance?

Monday, June 8
19:00 - 21:00
Free Webinar
Piotr Feliks Grzywacz
Piotr Feliks Grzwacz came to Japan in 2000. After working at Berlitz and Morgan Stanley for people and learning development, he joined Google in 2011.

He managed the human resources development in Asia-Pacific Region, and from 2014 in global learning strategy, working actively in areas such as human resources development, organizational development, and leadership development.

He went independent in 2015, and established Pronoia Group, which is a “future creation company,” and Motify, an HR technology company. He is the author of many books including “Fast Leadership,” “Speed Rules,“”NEW ELITE,” “Why Googlers Deliver High Output Without Fatigue?,” “The Iron Rules of Meetings,” “The Best Team,” and “Google’s mindfulness Strong mindset leads to higher performance.”
18:55   Please access the ZOOM link by 18:55
19:00   Welcome: Introducing Shizenkan University and Today’s Speaker
19:10   Keynote lecture
             Piotr Feliks Grzywacz: “The New Paradigm for People’s Management”
20:20   Interactive Session (Q&A)
             Moderated by Dr. Katsuhiko Yoshikawa (Associate Professor and Vice President of Shizenkan University)
20:55   Wrap-up
21:00   End of program
Webinar Outline
Monday, June 8
19:00 - 21:00
Webinar with Piotr Feliks Grzywacz
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